Aug 21, 2013 · Serial has changed with Raspberry PI Version 3. With Raspberry PI version 3, things have changed, the real UART (Serial) is now affected to Bluetooth hardware module and the old one is now managed by software. Old serial on PI3 is /dev/ttyS0 and no more /dev/ttyAMA0 because this one is connected to Bluetooth.. Uncomment the line dtparam=spi=on (if “off”, change to “on”).. Enable UART . Uncomment the line dtparam=uart0=on or set enable _ uart =1.. Once you have changed a setting in the /boot/config.txt, you must reboot your Pi in order to apply the change. The Raspberry Pi SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) bus can be enabled on Pins 19,21,23,24 & 26. It is a synchronous serial data link standard and is used for short distance single master communication between devices. This post shows how you can easily enable the SPI interface using a number of different methods. To connect the Raspberry Pi to a PC via UART, you will need a USB Serial Cable that supports 3.3V. As seen on the image above, this cable has four female wires that can be plugged into the Raspberry Pi. The red wire is to be connected to.

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